Kinemaster Black Mod Apk Latest v5.2.8 [100% Working]

As we all know, Kinemaster has many versions which can be downloaded like playing cards. Although, there is something unique about Kinemaster Black Mod Apk.

What is Kinemaster Black?

Kinemaster Black is the modified version of Original Kinemaster which is modified by developers for the users who love dark mode, or either, work at night. Kinemaster Black gives you a new experience of Dark Mode. The User Interface of Kinemaster Black had been changed to black from normal Kinemaster. At normal Kinemaster, the Accent color is reddish-pink but here, that is successfully removed. If your friends use that Normal Kinemaster and you want to get something to make them get excited about your Kinemaster. Then here’s it!


Why Kinemaster Black Mod Apk?

There are many reasons to use Kinemaster Black, such as –

If you’re using a smartphone with an OLED panel, then if you use this Kinemaster, it would have many advantages for you. You can note down the change in battery life. It can extend by approximately 20-30%. Especially If you’d like to work at night time then, You’ll get so much help from this Kinemaster Black Mod Apk. That means, If you’re lying on bed at your bedtime and using your phone in front of your eyes and your eyes start water bleeding then, Kinemaster Black would likely help you.

If you work at least for more than 6 hours in Kinemaster then, Kinemaster could harm your eyes by its Radiations. But, Kinemaster Black is not the same. It protects your eyes from many vision diseases. So, you’d to install this Kinemaster Black Apk for your work, your body, your phone, and your mind.

Kinemaster Black Latest Mod Apk v5.2.8

You may think, what’s new in this Kinemaster Black Mod Apk. But there are many features in this Kinemaster Black Apk, which Kinemaster doesn’t have. Kinemaster Black Mod Apk v5.2.8 has many premium features. In the original version of Kinemaster, Many local features are available for decent video editing. And, the features which are specialties of Kinemaster are locked and only available for premium subscription users.

It’s very difficult for our developers to add a new feature in the Kinemaster Modified version, so If you’re downloading for features then, You won’t be much shocked. But, the colors give a new user experience. Based upon your choices, you can download any Kinemaster colorful version you wanted to. 

Features of Kinemaster Black

The kinemaster black also provides a fast, smooth, and smooth experience of editing. The kinemaster black gives you more options and possibilities to edit your video from top to bottom.

You can easily trim, cut, copy, or whatever even, You can also record music in your video easily. All the functions you need in the perfect editing experience.

The kinemaster black is software for editing your video and uses all the functions to edit and transform your video in a few clicks. It also has a simple user interface and the aim of the kinemaster black is to give a nice output for the video editing, by using all the options given for the video editing. The kinemaster black uses the most user-friendly application and it will help you to give a user-friendly experience to you.

How to Download Kinemaster Black?

If you’ve decided to download this Kinemaster Black Edition Mod Apk v5.2.8, then you can click the download button at the end of this page to download this APK. We don’t add any external link shorter or ad generator to our link, so that, people would not have any issue in downloading our Apks. Follow these steps to download –

1. Click the download button and then, Allow your browser to download this. APK file.

2. Now to Install this Application – You can do these steps in any browser. For example, Click three dots, then click on Downloads > Install that apk file.

3. Now after installing, open the app from your device’s app drawer.

4. Allow the storage permissions.

5. Enjoy it!

Black KineMaster APK Download Latest Version

Kinemaster pro
App Name Black KineMaster
Publisher Black KineMaster Team
Category Video Editor
Size 78 MB
Version 8.1
Update Jan 6, 2022 (2 Weeks Ago)
MOD Info Unlocked, 4K
Developer KineMaster Corporation
Google Play


At the end of this article, I’d like to say, If you love the black color then, you should go and download this Kinemaster Black Mod Apk because the video editing user experiences are more than we think. Users think very positively about this Kinemaster Black Edition Mod Apk. This Kinemaster Edition gives you another feel and helps to improve your editing experience.

This Kinemaster Black gives you more freedom for your work. This kinemaster black is also been designed with integrated bright light and a tiltable screen so you can see more easily. This kinemaster black allows you to edit your video the way you like it, right on your computer screen. You can edit, cut, reverse, freeze and replay the video easily in minutes, directly from your keyboard and mouse but in android, you have to work more as compared to Desktop.

Beautiful and simple, This new and improved Kinemaster Black has been improved to give you a better editing experience.

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